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Disclaimer: This calculator uses several assumptions and the outputs are likely to be marginally different to that in your "Time to Choose" booklet. This should not be used to find an accurate early retirement figure, but gives you a comparison between the two pension schemes based on assumed rates of inflation and the methods in which these are applied to your pension.

The British Steel Pension Scheme (BSPS) closed on 31st March 2017, leaving you with an important decision to make. You can either:

Every situation is unique and the decision to transfer or not will differ from person to person. The BSPS2 vs. PPF Calculator is here to help you make a more informed decision.

You will need your Pension Options Booklet throughout this calculator, and if you have a Cash-Equivalent Transfer Value (CETV) this will help give you a more accurate result.

You should not use this calculator as a direct alternative to financial advice, but instead use it as an informative analysis of the options. By using this calculator you are agreeing that the results are a projection and have been made using several assumptions.

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British Steel Pension Scheme

The British Steel Pension Scheme is changing and every member needs to choose what they want to happen to their pension. All the information about the choice can be found here.

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