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Sleepless nights go with the territory when you’re a new parent. But don’t let money worries keep you awake. Work out how much it’s all going to cost, how much you can afford, and start planning ahead.

How much will my baby cost?

Top tip

Most new parents admit to spending too much on their baby – buying lots of things that are used only a few times or not at all. Ask other mums what they needed and what could wait.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you. Although it’s natural to want to give your new arrival the very best of everything, most babies thrive whether they arrive on a budget or in the lap of luxury.

So try to ignore all the ads, focus on the priorities, and make sure you’re prepared for the expected and the unexpected.

Cutting back to help with baby costs

There’s nothing wrong with asking friends and family for specific items as gifts, and remember that second-hand clothes or hand-me-downs for babies will have hardly been worn.

Use our Baby costs calculator to work out what your baby will need, and how much it will cost.

Use our Quick cash finder to help you see where you can make savings on the things you buy regularly.

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