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Apprenticeships explained

Apprenticeships are designed to help you to gain hands-on experience within an industry and learn new practical skills while earning a qualification and receiving a living wage. They take one to five ...

How you get paid at work

Whether it’s a part-time job during your studies or your first full-time job, earning your own money is extremely rewarding. How you’re paid for your work and when you’re paid can vary considera...

Second job tax and pay

Getting a second job can be a good way of making ends meet – but there might be tax on a second job you have to pay and National Insurance and benefit implications from earning separate sala...

Understanding your payslip

Whether it’s your first payslip or if you’ve been working for years, it’s still important to know how your pay is worked out. Your payslip contains important information, including your payroll ...

National Minimum Wage

Almost all workers in the UK are entitled to be paid at least the National Minimum Wage - or the National Living Wage if you’re 25 or over. This page tells you how to make sure you’re being paid t...

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