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Don’t rush into any new arrangements to pay for your care costs before checking to see if you can claim on an existing insurance policy. Lots of us have taken out some kind of health insurance in the past, which might turn out to be a big help now.

Check for insurance policies

Case study

“I took them out that long ago, I’d forgotten all about my old insurance policies. But they’re going to make a big difference now. I’m so glad I checked!” – Kate

Think carefully. Could you, or someone you’re caring for, have any of the following?

  • An over-50s plan.
  • Cover that someone else in your family has taken out on your behalf.
  • Life insurance with critical illness cover or a standalone critical illness policy.
  • A joint policy taken out with your spouse or partner that will cover you if you’re ill.
  • Terminal illness cover – this might have been included when you took out your mortgage.
  • Cover taken out on your behalf by a current employer or someone you’ve worked for in the past.
  • A long-term care insurance policy – although these are no longer available, they were very popular at one time, some were even linked to investments.

How to claim

Find as much of the original paperwork relating to the insurance policy as you can.

If the policy was bought through a broker, contact them first. They might be able to support you or manage the claim on your behalf.

Find out more about the claims process and what to do if your claim is rejected.

Not covered?

If you don’t have any insurance policies that cover you, and you need to pay for some or all of your own care costs, there are other options for you to consider.

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