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Buildings insurance – how much cover do you need?

The key to buying buildings insurance is to get the right type and level of cover. Make sure you answer truthfully and accurately when your insurance company asks if there’s anything unusual about your home. If you miss something important, a future claim could be rejected.

Buildings insurance – Do you need it?

If you own your own home, you’ll need to have buildings cover just in case your home is damaged and needs a repair. It’s usually a condition of your mortgage and, if you’re a landlord, it’s your responsibility – not your tenants. Although it’s not compulsory, if you own your own home this sort of insurance should be a top priority.

Home insurance – how to get the best deal

Home insurance prices vary widely, so taking the time to shop around to find the best home insurance policy for you is well worth it. Make sure you compare buildings and contents insurance across the market before making a final decision. This will help you understand what you need to take into account when looking for home insurance.

Do you need mobile phone insurance?

If you’ve just signed up for a new mobile phone deal or upgraded your handset, chances are someone has tried to sell you mobile phone insurance. But do you need it? This page covers the basics so you can make an informed choice about what the best mobile insurance deal might be for you. Here’s how to make the right decision.

Extended warranties – are they worth it?

An extended warranty can sometimes be a form of insurance policy that covers you for repair costs after the manufacturer’s or retailer’s guarantee has expired. But are they worth the money? Extended warranties can be expensive, most new goods are made to a high standard and you already have statutory rights which give a high level of protection.

Do you need contents insurance?

Wondering if you need contents insurance? Think about how you would cope if you lost your valuables due to a robbery or a fire. This guide will help you understand how contents insurance works, how much it costs on average and what it does and does not cover.

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