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Getting professional financial advice is great, but if you’re a DIY type, you’ll be happy to know that keeping up with saving and investing news is easy and – dare we say it? – fun. For a few ideas on where to look for sound investment news and information, read on.

Read the financial press or money pages

Protect yourself

Avoid unsolicited investment offers.

Before investing check the FCA register and warning list.

If you’re considering an investment offer, seek impartial advice.

Reading the papers – online, on a tablet, or by getting your fingers inky – is a great way to get your financial news.

Financial journalists cover products, different types of investments, companies and markets.

Pick two or three journalists whose style you like and follow them regularly for a perspective on the market.

Financial journalists you might like to follow

The best financial journalism is impartial, insightful and always timely.

If you’re not sure who consistently hits this mark, you might want to consider some of the recent nominees and winners of the British Press Awards’ business and finance journalist of the year – listed below:

And if you prefer to hear the news instead of reading it, tune into BBC Radio 4’s acclaimed programme Money Box.

Its website usually supplies background information too.

Listen to recent Money Box episodes on the BBC website.

Use the web

For a nearly unlimited supply of free financial information, look no further than the web.

Some sites, such as the Investment Association website aim to help even if you’re an investment beginner.

Fund comparison sites such as Trustnet and Morningstar are aimed more at sophisticated investors.

Visit company websites for annual reports and other information.

Or, log on to your online broker’s site – if you have one – for in-depth data on companies and funds.

Find the latest prices and trading information from the London Stock Exchange website.
Find out more about the range of funds for UK investors on The Investment Association website.

Consider joining an investment club

Joining an investment club is a good way to get involved in pooled investing.

But it can also be a good source of inspiration and information, since members often trade ideas, research advice, give each other investment tips and more.

Visit the ProShare Investment Clubs website for help finding or starting a club.

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